The QuickMuse technical staff recommends you approach this site with one of the following:

Javascript must be turned on in order for certain QuickMuse functions to work properly.

Finally, we strongly recommend you connect via broadband.

It may be possible for you to use the features of QuickMuse with less than this, but if you chose to do so, you're on your own (but please feel free to let us know what does or doesn't work).


Q: What's with these outlandish requirements?

A: It may look simple, but parts of QuickMuse sit uncomfortably close to the cutting edge. We work hard to accommodate as many users as possible, but in the end, there are just things you can't do with Lynx.

Q: Yeah, but what about Internet Explorer 5.2 for the Mac?

A: As great as this browser once was, we simply don't have the resources to support what has become something of an outlier. We may extend support to IE5 Mac in the future, but given it's aging capabilities, probably not.

Q: What about screenreaders? Do you people have something against the blind?

A: Absolutely not. Most QuickMuse features should behave just fine on a screenreader. Some, notably the Poematic playback system, won't, and, until significant advancements in screenreaders are made, this probably won't change. We regret this.

We will, however, strive to accommodate everyone here, and if your setup is not supported, please bear with us.

QuickMuse recommends: