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Peter Richards

We asked Peter Richards to write on the following:

Imaginary Brother

I have had no brother
except the boy in the mirror
who made faces at me,

who made passes at me
when I walked by,
inviting me to the self-love

that preoccupied me
for two-thirds of my life,
until it narrowed my life

to a rectangle of glass
smaller than a pocket
mirror used by any girl,

in which I was the only subject.
Nowadays I close my eyes
when I shave his face,

for really he has no face
at all that matters. Nowadays
he comes and goes. What

have I lost in wishing goodbye
to him? What did he teach me
about myself that had to be

seen and sent away, like
a mirror in a darkened room
that sees nothing until

its face returns to regard
itself, returns again to light up
the mirror with its illusion

-- Bill Zavatsky

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