Iris Bahr

The ground screams on contact
As my weary hands touch the steering wheel
Sticky jam caked on its sides
"Mother you were supposed to clean Harvey this morning"  I yell
"Stop calling it Harvey, you raging lunatic!! she answers with love
The smell of peach cobbler wafts through the air
The neighbors are baking again, I think to myself
Whilst Mom smokes another joint
Catching the last few glistening moments of psychobabble magic on Dr. Phil
O' were the ground softer
That it could swallow me whole 
despite Harvey's gentle impact
and I'd fly directly into the depths of the earth
Silent Comforting Dirt 
Enveloping me
"He was such a smart boy" they'd say, stirring mother out of her stupor
"Who would have thought of flying downwards instead of upwards!"
What would she say then?
Would she regret not cleaning the steering wheel
Or be happy i had some jam to enjoy in the depths of my new world
Raging Lunatic.

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